The modern online gambling industry offers a fantastic selection of slots. The best software developers regularly release spectacular games with great graphics, excellent animations, unique bonuses and original features. These models are so exciting that many users are happy to play slot machines for free, just for fun. However, most customers prefer to bet with real money in the hopes of getting a solid payout. Of course, they are interested in the more generous casino slots, which often delight in great combinations, bonuses and jackpots. The most generous online slots will be discussed in the article demo slot pragmatic.

Are there any hot and cold online slots?

If you enjoy gambling, you’ve probably heard of “hot” and “cold” machines often. In English they are called hot video slots and cold video slots. It is understood that the hot models are currently generous in payouts and the cold ones are greedy for now. Of course, most customers tend to find hot games.

Many online casinos classify “hot” slot machines in a separate category, thus suggesting to customers which models to prefer.

Does such a classification make sense?

Decide for yourself. No one can guarantee you a slot win in a single game session.

The final result always depends on how “favorable” you are with luck, which has taken the form of a random number generator. However, in many cases, you can increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. This will be discussed further.

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How do hot slots work?

Going to the Slots section in online casinos you will find a list of games with payout percentages. These values ​​are set by the developers at the programming stage and are in the public domain. Usually, players use this parameter to determine the “profitability” of a particular game. But in addition to this parameter, there are two more indicators that are no less important for the player:

volatility of the slot

cycle length.

Slot machines with a long cycle and high variance of winnings (so-called high volatility slots) “soak up” money for a long time, build up a large fund and then drop huge winnings on the lucky ones.

It is those machines that have taken a large number of bets and amassed a large fund become hot. Some casinos do the work for us by marking hot slots with the Hot icon.

How to find a hot slot machine?

In online casinos, operators often suggest which slot machines pay out. They collect similar models in thematic collections. Furthermore, the tables with the highest payouts of the last few days are not uncommon. They contain the nicknames of the lucky ones, the amounts won and the models on which they managed to win the jackpot