Good and bad times come and go, and we have no control over when they start or end. What we can control, however, is what we create and nurture within ourselves.

On the worst of days, or simply unenjoyable days, we can draw on resources we have within us – developed resources – to help us survive.

However, finding a safe place within is often about creating or preparing a 안전사이트 within.

In many ways, this is a developmental process that occurs throughout one’s life. As we get older, we have more opportunities to become safer as we learn and adjust our personality and experience-driven responses that drive us to do what we do.

The more we know about ourselves and are consciously aware of them, the better we can compensate. We all operate in ways that put ourselves in danger because of what we are made of, genetically, and, most importantly, how we were raised. None of our innate tendencies is our fault. We are frequently the result of them. We create risks for ourselves and the feelings that we are under attack through our thought processes.


The building or preparing a safe place within is about discovering those discordant notes within us that are out of tune with our essential selves, the image of our person with which we are most comfortable.

It’s all about becoming aware and making room for harmony.

A vision of something is sometimes all that is required to motivate us to get there.

In this way, imagining always having a sanctuary within us, a place with God where we can go in times of need inspires us to create one.

This is the sensation of finding a haven within. We can calm ourselves through our experience of it, even when we are in the midst of frightening, worrying, or stressful situations.

This actual place of safety that we create within ourselves must be personally meaningful. For me, it’s taking time alone, even if only for a few minutes, to reflect. It’s making logical sense and, as a result, realigning my thoughts. It’s just me talking myself out of it. It’s my job to know where the lines are drawn. It’s me asserting control over what I can. It’s just me having fun with the freedom I have. It’s me looking for a safe haven, within those well-known boundaries.