Online Gambling has come as a blessing for people who enjoy the excitement of the unknown and sudden riches that Gambling represents, but without the attendant physical danger. There is no more enjoyable “time-pass” than spending our recreational hours in search of winnings, but in peace, and well protected by the organizers themselves from any lapse of security. Gone are the days of holstered guns and sweaty confrontation with the bad guys to protect your fair gains from gambling dens and casinos. Also gone are the days and years of learning the ropes from the old masters, before trying one’s hand at a popular ancient gambling game like Poker, Backgammon, and Dominos. Backgammon is in fact reckoned to be over 5,000 years old, and archeological remains have been found even in Mesopotamia! But the link to insecurity and danger has remained, only this time round it is generally financial only, and often virtual. There are countries where the population is gambling mad, and tend to neglect proper safety measures when indulging in feverish obsessive gambling.

The surfacing of the criminal underbelly in almost every common human activity has affected Online Gambling also, forcing the honest brokers and organizers to form themselves into Protection Groups. Each country has its own way, but Indonesia has roots in tradition that encompass ancient forms of gambling. It is therefore not surprising that one of the most powerful Online Gambling Control Websites have emerged from Indonesia, that has millions of gamblers all over South East Asia, breathing much more freely because of their stringent corrective action. This website is the internationally renowned, which has been tasked with facing up to  and eliminating dishonest, fraudulent, and destructive websites that are beginning to proliferate the Internet.


The way Enzibet works its magic is by the following steps:

  • Enzibet has started a system of Registration for all Online Agents who want to be certified to the participating Gamblers as “safe houses”.
  • For this purpose, a comprehensive set of criteria has been developed by Enzibet, which covers all aspects of safety and security for the Players.
  • Similarly, members/Players can also be vetted by Enzibet, if so desired by the Online Agents.
  • The financial aspect is completely controlled and adjudicated by Enzibet, to ensure fairplay for both Players and Dealers/Agents.
  • Its balanced system of protecting both sides has given Enzibet immense popularity with everyone, who now insists on verification by through before venturing on any gambling engagement.