Playing online เกมส์ยิงปลา they already allure many people from around the world. It is because it has a great graphic interface and some good prizes that have great value. Playing the game is not hard, it is pretty easy to win the game. But those smart players. They have to collect large amounts of coins without them spending that much. This is how the players play the game by trading the prizes to win the game. They are not basing it on luck.

Use enough bullets

Some players are thinking it is a strategy once they have enough bullets the fish will die. Such as the fish has 4 points after you shoot to 10 the fish will surely die. But there are other fish that only shoot 1 or 2 bullets enough to be dead. Some have to use 6 bullets but the fish didn’t die. It might seem a good strategy but it can be used in some cases. The reason is the fish table is not having too many players. Either you kill the fish you still do not remember how many bullets each has.

How do you play ballpoint?

The main effect is to boost the number of bullets that are fired at the fish. You need to shoot it a few times in the wall to bounce it back to the fish. While you are waiting for the bullets you can directly hit the fish. Use 2 bullets at the same time to kill the fish. Using this kind of method you can kill a lot of fish. It is easy when the fish are going towards the corner.

Playing Baccarat Online

Using the slow but fast shooting technique

You need to be patient when shooting a big fish. A lot of players will shoot. But in your case, you can shoot slowly. And once the fish dies it belongs to you. Using this method will save you more bullets. But the chance of losing the game is critical. You can shoot evenly to gain a few thousand after shooting.

Shoot once they left the table

Because the fire machines are adjusting. There are some fishes that are dying once they first come out. Thus you need to focus on shooting the fishes once they come out. And if you know to calculate the chance on how the fish will die. You can watch out for the corners on the table and wait for the fish to appear. In this kind of trick, you can apply a small fish whisker to have the mission point.

Controlling the speed

Killing the small fish you need to use a slow speed and having low levels of bullets. You also need to boost the level of firing to shoot a lot of fish in bigger sizes. You can use the incremental shootings. And when the 100th bullet was fired that is also equal to 500 points. You can have 1,000 bullet points. It can also help you control the speed all throughout the game.